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Advance .Net Course Curriculum

LINQ (Language Integrated Query)


Ø       Prerequisite C# Language Features

·         Auto-implemented Properties

·         Object Initializers and Collection Initializers

·         Anonymous Types

·         Extension Methods

·         Implicit Typed Local variable (var).

·         Dynamic Data Type

·         var vs dynamic vs object datatypes

·         Optional and Named Parameters


Ø       Understanding LINQ Framework

·         What is LINQ?

·         Why we need LINQ?

·         How LINQ works?

·         Using LINQ via Method based and Query based syntax


Ø       Working with Standard LINQ Operators

·         Ordering Operators

·         Aggregate Operators

·         Restriction Operators

·         Projection Operators

·         Grouping Operators

·         Joining Operators

·         Set Operations

·         Element Operators

·         Quantification Operators

·         Partitioning Operators

·         Generation Operators

·         Conversion Operators

·         Zip Operators

·         Equality Operators

·         Lazy and Greedy Operators

·         Streaming and Non Streaming Operators


Ø       Working with LINQ Providers

·         LINQ to Objects and Collections

o        LINQ to List<T>

o        LINQ to Array

o        LINQ to Array List

o        LINQ to Dictionary<T,K>

o        LINQ to Custom Class Collection

·         LINQ to Dataset

o        Querying Dataset

o        Field and Set Operators

o        CopyToDataTable

·         LINQ to XML

o        Create an XML document

o        Loading existing XML document

o        Querying XML using LINQ to XML

o        CRUD operation with XML document


ADO.Net Entity Framework (LINQ to Entities)


Ø       Entity Framework Introduction

·         What is ADO.NET Entity Framework?

·         Comparing EF with LINQ to SQL

·         EF Architecture and Providers

·         Understand  EDMX File and its Content

o        Conceptual schema definition language (CSDL)

o        Store schema definition language (SSDL)

o        Mapping specification language (MSL)

       · Creating First EF Application and Creating EDMX File


Ø       Working With Entity Framework

·         Members of DbContext and DbSet

·         Entity Life Cycle and ObjectStateManager

·         Creating Examples on  Performing CRUD Operations

·         Entities, Relationships and the Entity Data Model Stored Procedure Mapping

·         Using View in Entity Framework

·         Using stored procedures in Entity Framework

·         Working with Transactions in Entity Framework

·         Modeling Techniques

o         Database First

o         Model First

o         Code First

·         Lazy Loading

·         Eager Loading

·         Explicit Loading

·         IEnumerable<T> and IQueryable<T> interface


Model-View-Controller (MVC)


Ø       Introduction Of MVC

·         What is MVC?

·         Benefits of using MVC over ASP.Net Web Forms

·         Request Life Cycle of MVC

·         Understanding Model, View and Controller


Ø       Understanding Routing in MVC

·         Routing Compared to URL Rewriting

·         How Routing Engine work in MVC.

·         How Default Route work.

·         Route Constraints

·         Catch-All Parameter

·         Ignoring Routes

·         Defining Custom Routes


Ø        Exploring Controllers

·         Exploring Controllers and Controller Base class

·         Passing data from Controller to View

·         Comparing View Data, View Bag and Temp Data

·         Types of Action Methods

·         Action Method Parameters

·         Asynchronous Controller Actions


Ø       Exploring Views

·         What is Razor View Engine?

·         Understanding the Razor Syntax

·         Passing Data from Controller to View

·         Difference between Viewbag ,Viewdata and Tempdata

·         Understanding the role of Viewstart File

·         Strongly Typed Views

·         Working with Partial Views and Child Actions

·         Layouts

·         Integrating Bootstrap Framework


Ø       Working with Html Helpers

·         Standard Html Helpers

·         Strongly Typed Helpers

·         Template Helpers

·         Ajax Helpers

·         Custom Helpers


Ø       Working with Model

·         Creating model using Entity Framework(EF)

·         Form Collection, Model Binder and Value Provider

·         Ajax Helpers

·         Custom Helpers


Ø       Model Validation

·         Client Side and Server Side Validation in MVC

·         ModelState

·         IValidatableObject

·         Displaying Validation Messages


Ø       Working with jQuery, Ajax and Json in MVC


Ø       Working with Areas

·         Setting Up Areas

·         Actions in Areas

·         Routing and URL Generation with Areas


Ø       Working with Filters

·         Action Filters

·         Output Cache

·         Handle Error (Exception Filters)

·         RequireHttps

·         Authorization

·         Global Filters

·         Custom Filters


Ø       Working with Security

·         Custom Authentication and Authorization with Database using Entity Framework

·         Implementing Role Based Security

·         Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)]


Ø       Web API

·         ApiController

·         Action Parameters

·         Exceptions

·         Configuration

·         Routing

·         Model Binding

·         Formatters

·         Status Codes

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)


Ø       Introduction To WCF

·         What is Distributed Application

·         Evolution of WCF

·         Evolution of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

·         Where does WCF Services fit in?

·         WCF comparison with Web Services and .Net Remoting


Ø       Endpoints in WCF

·         What is Endpoint in WCF

·         End points in Configuration File.

·         ABC - Address, Binding & Contract of the service in Configuration File.

·         Understanding importance of base address.

·         Importance of IMetadataExchange Contract / Endpoint.

·         IMetadataExchange Contract/Endpoint for Http and TCP.

·         Configuring service behavior in configuration file

·         Creating Endpoints through Code

Ø       Understand Different Types of Contracts in WCF service

·         Service Contract.

·         Operation Contract.

·         Data Contract

·         Fault Contract

·         Message Contract


Ø       Developing WCF Service Application and Client

·         Hosting WCF Service in IIS/ASP.NET Development Server

·         Hosting WCF service in Managed Application (Self Hosting).

·         Use of WCF Service Library Project.

·         Use of WCF Service with Entity Framework


Ø       Understand Instancing behavior in WCF Service

·          Single

·          PerCall

·         PerSession


Ø       Understand Concurrency in WCF Service

·         Single

·         Multiple

·         Rententrant


Ø       Creating Restful Services using WCF Framework