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.Net Course Curriculum

Introduction to .Net Platform and C#

Introducing .NET
Understanding the previous state of affairs and the .NET solution
Introducing the Building Blocks of the .NET Platform (the CLR, CTS, and CLS)
Additional .NET-Aware Programming Languages
An overview of .NET Assemblies, Understanding the CTS, CLS and CLR
The Assembly/Namespace
Type Safety
Memory Management
Exploring an Assembly Using ildasm.exe, Deploying the .NET runtime
Base class libraries (BCL) Building C# applications
The Role of the .NET Framework SDK


Core C# Programming Constructs, Classes and System objects

Program Structure, Main method, Building C# Applications using csc.exe and Visual Studio, command line arguments
Types and Variables
Value types and Reference types
C# Nullable Types
Data type conversion
Implicitly types local variables
Decision constructs
Iteration constructs
Unconditional Branching statements,

Classes and Objects,
Methods and Parameter modifiers
Constructors and Destructors
Method and Operator Overloading
Indexer Methods
Working with String data
System.Environment class, System.Console class, System.Object class

Sealed/Abstract/Nested classes

Structured Exception Handling

Object Lifetime, Dispose, Finalize, Garbage Collection, System.RunTime


Advanced C# concept

Working with Collections classes
Interfaces - IEnumerator, ICloneable, IComparable

Understanding Generics, using and creating Generic Structures and Classes

Delegates and Events


Threading, File I/O and Object Serialization multithreaded program,
File I/O, Directory/File classes, String/Stream/Binary Readers/Writers,
Application Domain


Programming with .NET Assemblies

Assembly and application manifest
The Assesmbly class
Signing an assembly
Resource and satellite assemblies
Resolving and loading assemblies, System.Activator class



Introduction to XML
Advantages of XML - Readability, Hierarchy, Language and platform independance
Well formedness
Validating and non validating parsers

Manipulating XML documents by using DOM
Using XMLReader, XMLWriter
Xpath, XSD




Introduction to HTML

HTML Documents

Structural Elements Of HTML Documents

Formatting HTML Documents

Managing Images In HTML

Tables In HTML Documents

Hypertext And Link In HTML Documents

Special Effects In HTML Documents


Managing Forms

Basic HTML Server controls
Basic Web Controls and Events

Error Handling, Logging and Tracing
State Management

Rich Controls
Validation Controls



What is CSS?

Types of Cascading Style Sheets

Advantages of using CSS Technology

CSS Syntax Structure

Inline, Internal & External CSS method

Lists of CSS Attributes, Properties and values

Types of CSS Selectors.

CSS Spacing, Padding, Margin & Borders

Apply CSS on HTML form and Table.

Methods of Using CSS for Web Page Layout

How to create CSS Horizontal menus?

How to create CSS Vertical menus?

Putting Together Layout and Menu Systems

Basic Design Examples

CSS Validation for website?

How to write short coding in CSS?





What is jQuery?

Downloading and installing jQuery

Creating a simple jQuery-enabled page

Overview of jQuery's features

Using basic jQuery selectors

Form selectors and filters

Creating, getting, and setting content

Manipulating attributes

Inserting content

Wrapping, replacing, and removing content

jQuery with CSS

jQuery event handling features

Hiding and showing elements

Fading elements in and out

Sliding elements

Exploring the jQuery UI widgets

Exploring the jQuery UI effects

jQuery Calendar

Form validation with Jquery



Building ASP.NET pages

Overview and evolution of ASP.NET Framework
    Code Model
    Visual Studio debugging
ASP.NET Web Forms, Viewstates, Postbacks, working with Pages

Application Events (global.asax file, additional application events)
ASP.NET Configuration

Basic Server Controls


Designing ASP.NET Websites and site navigation

Designing Websites with Master Pages
Designing Websites with Themes

Creating Custom Controls with User Controls
Site Navigation


Programming with ADO.NET

Overview of ADO.NET
Database fundamentals

ADO.NET Architecture/Components (ADO.NET Data Providers, Connected and Disconected Data, Connected classes, Disconnected Classes)
.NET Framework Data Providers
ADO.NET DataSet (Overview, hierarchy)
Connecting and Retrieving Data in ADO.NET 
Working with Connection Strings, Commands, DataAdapters, DataReaders

Using DataSets in ADO.NET
Creating and using DataTables, DataViews
Modifying data in ADO.NET

Data Binding - Single Value binding, repeated value binding, binding to rich data controls
Page life cycle with Data binding


ASP.NET Website security

Security Fundamentals, Authentication and Authorization, Web.config settings, Cookies
Membership Data Store
Security Controls
Role-Based Security


ASP.NET Caching and AJAX

    Output Caching
    Data Caching
    Cache Dependencies
Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX
    JavaScript Essentials
    Understanding AJAX Requests/Response
    ScriptManager server control
    Partial Page Refreshes – UpdatePanel control


Entity Framework