How To Fix App Icon Missing On Android

It’s easy to download and utilize an application with smartphones, as long as the storage capacity permits it. All we need to carry out is navigate to the Google Store, select a tool, and install. We can have many programs that we can utilize at any time. But, a few users have reported app icon missing android issue. One cause is when we press and delete a program icon by accident without knowledge. By the time we try to search for the tool, it’s gone missing. So, is there any method for fixing this Android problem? Yes, check out this list of troubleshooting techniques below to acquaint how.

How To Resolve The App Icon Missing Android Problem ?

Check out these solutions to resolve this problem:

Solution#1: Adding To The Home Screen

The advanced users can quickly go on to the next solution, but the ones who are new to the smartphone or Android world ought to read it once. You might have deleted the tool icon, and not the tool itself, from your home screen. Launch the App Drawer and locate the program that is missing and hit and hold until you see your home screen in the background. Move and release for making a new program icon on your home screen. Speaking about your home screen, you can have moved the program to a folder and are just glancing at the wrong place. The same can be right for the app drawer as well.

add to home screen

Solution#2: Unhide Your Program Utilizing The Launcher Setting

The program might be hidden. To show or unhide the program, navigate to the launcher settings, and unhide your program that’s missing. You can also arrange the tools so that you’ll be capable of finding them rapidly.

Solution#3: Accessing The Widgets

  • You can simply drag the missing icons back to the screen using the Widgets. For accessing this option, press and hold anywhere on the home screen.
  • Search for the Widgets and press to open.
  • Search for the program that’s missing. Press and hold the program. Now, press it to a space in the home screen for adding that icon. You can do so to all the tools you think are missing.
  • Once you’re finished, arrange the program on the home screen.

Solution#4: Reenable Your Applications

The missing applications might be disabled sometimes, so you’ll have to reenable it to show on the home screen.

  • Open the Settings of the device.
  • Navigate to Apps or Manage apps.
  • Now, search for the missing tool and open it.
  • Try to search for the Start/Enable or Disable option. If you see that the program is disabled, you’ll have to press the option for enabling it.


Solution#5: Checking If The Program Is Deleted

It might not be that the tool icon is missing, but you’ve deleted the entire program accidentally. For checking if your program is still installed on the device or not, simply navigate to the Google Store > look for the program. If the Install option emerges, the program was deleted. Click to install and then open it again.


We do not pay adequate attention to the icons unless they really go missing on Android phones. After all, that is how we spot a program and open it. How do you interact with a tool if you cannot find it? I hope the above solutions assisted you in resolving the app icon missing android issue. If nothing else helps, then I recommend you format the device after creating a backup, but that is the final thing I would recommend to anyone.

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