Instantly! Fix The Code NW-1-19 Error

Netflix has a great library of amazing content that can make the users keep returning for some enjoyment. They’re also accessible on any device and on almost any platform, which provides them an edge over the different competitors. They’ve programs for all smartphones, smart televisions, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, and a lot more. But such programs run into many issues problems, but you can fix those issues very easily.

Here today, we will deal with another issue on Netflix, which is reasoned because of the network connectivity issues on the device. The Netflix error code nw-1-19 is encountered by many users when the Netflix tool on the device is encountering problems while connecting to a Netflix service. There’s some network connectivity problem on the device, which is stopping it from connecting to your Netflix service.

Why Are You Getting The Code NW-1-19 Error ?

You might be coming across this issue because:

  • The local network can’t connect to your internet
  • You’ve the DNS configuration issue
  • You have a slow network performance

How Can You Resolve This Issue?

A lot of users face this error code on smart televisions or gaming consoles. Gaming consoles and smart televisions have a lot of features these days, and one has the capability of installing third party programs on it, such as Netflix, and enjoying watching your much-loved movies or television shows. Here’re a few solutions in which you can resolve this error on Netflix:

Solution#1: Checking If The Network Supports Streaming

If you’re making use of the school wifi network or public wifi network, then the video streaming websites like Netflix and Youtube can be blocked on them. So make certain that they’re not blocked purposely, but if they’re, then you cannot do anything about that. If you’re making use of a satellite network or the cellular network for streaming from Netflix, then acquaint that these have slow speeds naturally, and they ought not to be utilized for streaming HD quality videos. Netflix suggests a minimum of five Mbps connection speed for streaming the HD quality video. Check the internet speed first; if it’s slow, then switch to your wifi network.

Solution#2: Ensuring The Internet Is Connected To Your Streaming Device

Several times, your device on which you’re trying to stream the Netflix tool might not be connected to your internet connection. That’s why you will be coming across this particular issue. So, always make sure that the streaming device has the internet connection already in place. Check that your internet is function gin by making use of any other network-based app. On the other hand, you can also run the connection test.

Solution#3: Rebooting The Home Network

Rebooting your home network will stop a broad range of issues, like this particular Netflix error code, from attacking the streaming device you are trying to make use of. It can take just five steps to reboot your home network. Do as mentioned below:

  • First, plug out the streaming device.
  • Then, plug out the modem for about thirty seconds.

Code NW-1-19

  • Now, plug in your modem and wait till all of the lights on it stop blinking.
  • Then, plug in the streaming device and switch it on.
  • Now, open Netflix.

Solution#4: Directly Connecting The Streaming Device To Your Modem

When the network connectivity problems cause an error such as this Netflix one, connecting your streaming player to your modem directly can really assist you in clearing the issue. Here’s how you can easily establish the connection directly:

  • First of all, make sure that the streaming device is off.
  • Then, connect the streaming device to your modem using the Ethernet cable.

connect the streaming device to your modem using the Ethernet cable

  • Plug out your modem for about thirty seconds.
  • Plug in your modem and let its lights first to settle.
  • Start your streaming device and launch Netflix.

Solution#5: Disabling Proxy Or VPN

Netflix prohibits the usage of Proxies or VPN because individuals make use of those for circumventing the geographical restrictions put on the content by Netflix because of the different copyright laws. When individuals make use of these, and if Netflix is capable of detecting that, then individuals come across diverse issues such as the Netflix incognito mode error or the error code: m7111-5059. Hence if you’re making use of the proxy or VPN, then disconnect it immediately and reboot the streaming device and the router and then try again.

Solution#6: Setting The DNS Settings To Automatic

If there’s an option for the DNS settings on the device, then set it all for automatically detecting. If you’ve the PlayStation, then navigate to its settings and set under the network option, choose Setup an Internet Connection. Then set MTU Settings, DNS Settings, and IP Address Settings to Automatic. Put don’t make use of the Proxy server and don’t specify for the DHCP Host Name. Similarly, if you’ve the Xbox, navigate to the Network settings from under the System settings option > select Configure Network > DNS Settings and set that to Automatic.

Solution#7: Boosting The Signal Strength Of Wi-Fi

When you keep coming across the issue of Netflix nw-1-19 code on the streaming device, we’ll recommend you to contemplate these three simple tips for boosting the signal strength of the Wi-Fi.

  • Keep your router away from wireless devices to avoid wireless interference.
  • Try to place your router in some other spot and check its strength.
  • Make sure that your router sits in a higher position, such as on a desk, and not on the floor.

Solution#8: Contacting The Support Service

If none of the solutions mentioned above worked out, then the only thing you are left with is to simply contact the support service of the Netflix platform and also the ISP since this issue occurs from the network-related issues.


If you come across the code nw-1-19 issue, you can be having a network connectivity issue. Resolve it by rebooting the home network and the device. You can also check the connection to make sure that you have access to your internet. Other options comprise removing the custom network connection settings, improving the wireless signals, and boosting the bandwidth. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in fixing this issue.

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