How To Fix The Fallout 4 Black Screen Issue

At times, when you open your game Fallout4 in your Steam, your game opens, and the monitor screen goes all black. This screen stays black, and the cursor shows your loading icon. Nothing takes place after that, and you have to quit your game from your task manager. The fallout 4 black screen at the startup has been stated by a lot of users, and it can be fixed by following a few simple steps.

What Causes The Fallout 4 Black Screen ?

A lot of users have reported diverse causes for the issue when your screen goes black when you open your game. A few of such causes are as follows.

  • You might be running your game in the incompatible mode.
  • The game and your steam might not be on the same drive.
  • Antivirus of the PC might be causing this problem.
  • The graphics card might be out-of-date.

Basic Troubleshooting Instructions :

Whenever you see any problem, first, try to make use of these basic troubleshooting fixes. They may assist you in resolving the problem. That is why we came up with some basic tricks for fixing the error.

Fix#1: Reboot The Steam And The Windows Computer

Because of a few internal problems on the computer and the temporary slowdown of your Steam program, we face some types of problems, comprising Fallout 4 screen blackout. If that is the case, a simple reboot of your Steam and Windows PC may fix the issue. Let’s follow these easy steps to do that.

  • First of all, close the Steam window by simply clicking on the X icon.
  • Then, save all your other apps and tasks and close them.
  • Now, reboot the PC.
  • After restarting your computer, open Steam > Fallout 4 > see the black screen issue still occurs on the system monitor or not.

Fix#2: Verifying The Game Files Integrity

In case if your Fallout game files are missing or corrupted, then there’s a chance of turning the screen to black while opening it. That is why see the game files’ integrity through these easy steps.

  • Open Steam on the Win 10 system.
  • Navigate to your game library > look for your game.
  • Then, right-click on the action game > select properties.
  • Now, you’ll see the properties window of your game. In that, go to the local files section.
  • Next, click on verify the game files integrity.
  • Wait until the procedure is finished.
  • Then, launch your game and check the black screen problem is resolved.

Steps For Resolving The Problem : 

Is the black screen issue in the Fallout 4 game still occurs? Then do not be anxious! You can get the advanced fixes for fixing it. Check-out the best workable methods in this part and execute the steps cautiously.

Fix#1: Installing Fallout 4 & Steam In The Same Drive

Have you installed Fallout 4 and Steam on diverse drives? Then it may be one of the causes of the black screen problem. In case if your game is on one drive and Steam on some other drive, then uninstall your game and install it again in the drive where you have installed Steam. After successfully installing Fallout 4 on the Windows computer, open it and see if the issue is gone or not.

Fix#2: Disabling Your Antivirus Programs

At times the antivirus installed on the PC can block a few of the features of your game. For fixing that, try to append Fallout 4 and Steam as an exception; if that does not work, disable your antivirus program installed on the system.

Fix#3: Running Fallout 4 In The Compatible Mode

If you’ve installed any of the custom mods, then they might be the cause behind this error. Try to disable all your custom mods and try to run the game in the compatible mode. Follow these steps for doing so.

  • Open the game > choose mods from the menu.
  • In the Library, locate the mode that you desire to remove.
  • Then, click on the disable option.
  • Now for running that in a compatible mode, simply right-click on the game > choose properties.
  • Find and click on the Compatibility section.
  • Check the box by the side of the run this program in the compatible mode for option.

compatible mode

  • Then, choose a Windows version that’s older than yours.
  • Now, click on Apply > open your game.

Fix#4: Modifying The Configuration Files

If you still come across this error while opening it on the computer, then simply edit the configuration files. You can carry this out by simply utilizing these simple steps.

  • Open the Fallout 4 game folder where you’ve already installed it on the Windows computer.
  • Then, choose the file named Fallout4prefs.Ini.
  • Change these below variables as we have shown below:



BFull Screen=0

ISize H=1080

ISize W=1920

  • Once you’re finished, simply save all the changes.
  • Now, open your game > see if the issue appears again or not.

Fix#5: Changing The Graphics Settings Of Fallout 4

At times the graphics card isn’t capable of supporting the high graphics of your game. So, the better approach is to lower your game’s graphics from the settings menu and follow these steps below for doing this.

  • Open your game in Steam > click options.
  • Check the boxes of borderless and window mode.

window mode

  • Then, click on Advanced > lower the settings as needed.


  • Click on Apply > open your game again.

Fix#6: Updating Fallout 4

If none of the above fixes resolved the error, then check for the newest updates. The developers regularly release new updates. If you locate any newest ones, then simply install them rapidly.

  • Open Steam on the PC.
  • Look for your Fallout 4 game in your game’s library.
  • Choose that > right-click on it for selecting the properties option.
  • Now, check for the newest updates.
  • If there’re any updates available > simply download and install those updates.
  • After completing the update procedure, simply launch your Fallout 4 game without any black screen problems.

Fix#7: Contacting The Official Support

Are you still dealing with the same problem on the computer? Then better to go for the reinstallation of the Fallout 4 game from Steam. By carrying out that, you’ll not see any black screen on the system while opening it. The users who face the error even after installing it again need to get in touch with the Bethesda Support Center. Give sufficient information about the problem and get the perfect fix to resolve it.

Final Words: 

For summing everything up, this guide will certainly assist all of the game enthusiasts who are fond of playing the Fallout 4 game without any black screen issues. Making use of the tips and techniques mentioned above, you’ll never encounter this fallout 4 black screen issue again while opening it on your computers.

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