Instaly Fix! PermissionError WinError 5 Access Is Denied

The PermissionError WinError 5 access is denied is an extremely common issue that emerges while utilizing python on your Windows system. Almost all of the developers of python come across this problem at some coding stage. This issue may emerge while you are trying to import python on some programming application, or it may emerge while running some script. In this post, we will go through the compilation of a few methods that can help you rectify this error completely from Python.

What Triggers The ‘PermissionError WinError 5 Access Is Denied’ Error?

The major cause that can trigger this error message of access denial is that you’re just permitted to run apps and not the directories. This issue will appear on your screen if you try to run some directory. This problem can also emerge on your screen because of the incorrect syntax of the code or any previous version of Python.

What Can You Really Do If You Receive This Error Message In Python Or CMD?

You can try out the following methods for getting rid of this issue in command prompt or python:

Method#1: Running As Administrator

If you’re attempting to install different python directories from the CMD and this WinError 5 access is denied issue emerges, then there’s nothing to be anxious about. This problem can be fixed very quickly and easily. Simply follow these steps for fixing this error:

  • First of all, click on the search button from the taskbar > enter cmd.
  • Next, right-click on the Command Prompt > choose Run as Administrator.

run as admin

  • Then, enter the ‘pip install pydirectory’ command > hit Enter.

pip install pydirectory

Check if this issue emerges again.

Method#2: Setting Permission

At times syntax utilized for diverse python versions can be the cause that triggers this problem. For instance, if you desired to set permission for python 2, the ‘os.chmod(‘spam.txt’, 777)’ command was utilized. It’ll be contemplated wrong if you’re utilizing python 3 because this syntax is out-of-date and will direct to the syntax problem. The syntax utilized for accessing the permission in python 3 is a little diverse. The ‘os.chmod(‘spam.txt’, 0o777)’ command is for the python 3.

Method#3: Giving Path To An Image

If you’re opening some image in the code, this issue may appear because of the incorrect syntax. You’ll receive this permission denial message if you write the code in the ‘img = cv2.imread(‘G:/project/OCR/FDA.png’)’ syntax. This problem can easily be fixed by appending an “r” before the image’s path. For instance, the right syntax of your code, which will not trigger any issue, will be ‘img = cv2.imread(r’G:/project/OCR/FDA.png’)’.

Method#4: Updating Python

At times, this problem appears because of the older version of your Python. The most recent version of python has all the bug fixes and updates that were present in the older python versions. If you’re utilizing the 3.7.2 version of python, then make certain you update it to the 3.7.3 version of python because the previous version has a few bugs, which may be the cause behind the PermissionError WinError 5 access is denied problem.

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