5 Ways To Fix Failed To Detect Location 12 Error On Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is an extremely well-liked mobile game based on AR or Augmented Reality structured by Niantic for fulfilling the requirements of the smartphone gaming fans. It makes use of the GPS of the device and offers a virtual environment to all the gamers in which they can really simulate their characters for locating, capturing, training, and fighting with the virtual creatures. This game really has mapped the future of Virtual Reality gaming by offering a real-world environment to all the gamers.

Since the launch of this amazing game, gamers have come across many glitches in this game, and the most common one lately is the Pokémon go failed to detect location 12 issue. We’ve researched and found out all the fixes in one place so that you can easily resolve this error and never face this glitch in the future.

Why’s Location Really Important In Pokémon Go?

The amazing part of this fantastic game is that it’s been compiled, keeping the location mechanics in view. The location analytics of this amazing game has made certain that it becomes a sensation overnight. Three major attributes are linked with the location framework of this Pokémon Go game. Such attributes also show how significant the location is for a game. Comprehending such attributes will also make certain that you can overcome the issues like this one.

  • The Physical World Attribute:

The excellent part of this particular attribute is that it’s the hub of the game’s user experience. The 2nd part is the fact that the map has really developed and there’re no shortcuts to success. Ingress was the preceding game that was created by Niantic, and the crowdsourcing of the map began with the application’s evolution. It was created by the same team that’s working on Google Earth’s core.

  • The Place Attribution:

The system within a system that’s been created by the game creators can divinely make certain that the inaccuracies of the location are accounted for. It also denotes that the four-meter accuracy of your GPS is further improved to cope with the just-right location identification of every player.

  • The Real World Gestures:

The AR or Augmented Reality is the other significant aspect that’s related to this amazing game, and it also denotes that the location services are dependent on when it comes to the app. The iOS and the android location services are continuously utilized by this game for offering pinpoint locations and also the game features that aren’t located in the different other apps. The usage of the location through the GPS satellites can even become more significant for such amazing gestures. Particularly when the player is actually outdoors, it can really become too significant to cope with utilizing the GPS location.

What Prevents From Detecting The Location & Causes The Pokémon Go Failed To Detect Location 12 Problem?

There’re many causes that may trigger this issue, and a few of the most common ones are mentioned below here:

  • This problem may appear in the game if the Mock Location isn’t disabled on the device’s settings.
  • You’ll come across this issue in the Pokemon Go game if the Find My Device option is enabled on the device.
  • If you’re somehow at a spot where the device is unable to get GPS signals, then this issue may come up on the screen.

Try Out These Fixes:

Numerous fixes can be utilized to confirm that the subject issue is fixed easily. This section of the post will cope with all such fixes that can be utilized to get the work accomplished easily and with perfection.

Fix#1: Enabling The Mock Locations

As its name proposes, it’s for setting the fake location utilizing the incorporated iPhone feature. It’ll also ensure that the game feature continues to function flawlessly.

  • Navigate to the device’s developer options. For getting to these options, go over to the settings > go to About Phone > open Software Info > choose Build number and tap it for about seven times for enabling the mock locations.

build number

  • Now, install the Fake GPS that’s a free tool and can simply be located on the Google Play Store.
  • Open the app, and you can simply enjoy your game without any trouble or hassle and fix this error.

Fix#2: Checking & Making Certain That The Location Services Are Enabled

It’s where we’ll check and make certain that the location services are actually enabled on the device or not. Follow these easy steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > choose the Location option.
  • Tap on Mode > choose High Accuracy for setting the GPS to the max location accuracy mode.
  • Now, attempt to play the game check if the issue has been gone or not.

If it’s still there, then follow the fixes mentioned down below.

Fix#3: Clearing The Cache & Data Of Your Game

Caches are the files’ scripts that are saved on the device when you open a certain program, whereas Data is utilized for loading the previous info about the program when it is opened. If, in any case, the information saved in Cache gets corrupted, the program will not work properly. So, as a fix, clear the Cache and Data of your tool to fix this error.

  • Tap on the Settings option from the device.


  • Find and tap on the Apps & notifications option. It may be just Apps on a few devices.


  • Now locate the game > choose the Storage option.


  • Then, click the buttons that are named as Clear Cache and Clear Data and see whether the problem is fixed.

clear cache

Fix#4: Installing The Older Version Of The Google Play Services

These services are the fundamental part of your Android device that improves the user experience by synchronizing the lower-powered and higher quality location-based services automatically. If this issue appears on the screen, simply uninstall and install the older version of the Google Play Services because the newest version can make it hard to spoof in the game.

  • Open the Settings menu of the device > choose Apps.


  • After that, find and open the Google Play Services > click on the 3-dots from the top of your screen > choose Uninstall Updates.

uninstall updates

  • Now, simply navigate to your device’s browser and download the older Google Play Services version.
  • Install it > see if the problem is gone.

Fix#5: Restart Your Device

It may seem odd, but this trick has been helping for quite some time now and has been established to get rid of the Pokémon go failed to detect location 12 issue. There’s a chance that the server location isn’t actually synced with your device. Rebooting your device will make certain that both of the locations are really synced, and the issue is fixed easily. Simply long-press the power button > select the restart option from the menu that emerges for completing the procedure in full.

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