Fix The ref code s0a00 Error

Comcast users have reported the ref code s0a00 error code on their Xfinity television box. It might be because of the activation problem where their television box hasn’t been activated yet. It can also be a problem with the television box itself. In a few cases, there’s an issue with connecting to your Comcast network, or you might have loose cable connections that can affect streaming. If you’ve faced this error, check out the fixes mentioned below on how you can resolve the issue.

What Causes The ref code s0a00 Error?

After getting many reports from numerous users, we decided to look closely into the error and devised some fixes to resolve it. Also, we looked into the causes because of which it’s triggered, check them out as well.

  • TV Problem: 

In a few cases, the issue may be reasoned because of the TV on which the wire box has been connected. The television may be out of order because of which the load up of a few channels may be reasoning the problem. It’s great to check if the wire box works on some other television.

  • Activation Problem: 

In the majority of cases, this error is reasoned because of the problem with the activation. If your television Box is pending activation or has not yet been activated, this problem may appear. It’s great to contact consumer support and see if the activation’s been processed or not.

  • Signal Problem: 

The cable box signal may be too weak because of excessive splitters being installed. These are devices that are utilized for splitting the connection into multiple connections. Such splitters, in turn, weaken your signal that’s being given to your TVs and may end up triggering this issue. It’s great to check any available splitters and make sure that the number of splitters is reduced.

  • Loose Cables: 

If your cables are not plugged-in properly to the TV or the cable box, this error may be triggered. It’s great to check for any faulty wires or loose cables which may be the reason for the issue. Begin by tightening the Coaxial Cable on the box’s rear and also check that the Signal Cable is tightly plugged in.

Try Out These Fixes:

Try the following troubleshooting fixes for assisting you in resolving this problem:

Fix#1: Power Cycling The Device

If there’re certain problems with the devices engaged in the connection, they may be because of the corrupt launch configurations or startup glitch. Therefore, in this step, you’ll be totally power cycling your devices by cutting the power off and disposing of all the saved electricity.

  • Unplug the power from your Router, Cable Box, television, and any other device involved in your connection.
  • Press and hold your devices’ power buttons one by one for at least ten secs each.
  • Now, plug the power in > connect your cables.


  • Wait for your devices to load and see if the problem persists properly.

Fix#2: Reattaching Your Cables

  • Take out the power cable from the television box.
  • Take out the coaxial cable from the television box and splitter or wall outlet, if you’re utilizing any.
  • Wait for some secs.
  • Reattach the coaxial cable back to the television box and your wall outlet.
  • Reattach the power cable.

Fix#3: Bypassing The Splitter

If you make use of the cable splitter, you might have to get rid of it.

  • Detach your power cable from the television box.
  • Leave one side of your coaxial cable attached to your television box.
  • Unscrew the coaxial cables end attached to your splitter.
  • Set your splitter aside.
  • Attach the loose side of your coaxial cable directly to your cable wall outlet, making sure it’s finger-tight.
  • Attach the power cable to the television box again (CABLE IN or RF IN).
  • Check if the picture quality has now improved.

Fix#4: Contact The Customer Support Service

The best bet towards fixing this ref code s0a00 problem if the above fixes did not resolve it is to make contact with the consumer support service, tell them about the problem and have it resolved.

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