Fix if Your Skyrim Crashes On Startup

Skyrim is a well-liked game that has a lot of players. Recently, we’ve received a lot of reports about the Skyrim crashes on startup problem. According to such reports, Skyrim crashes randomly on the startup without any messages or error codes. For assisting the users in fixing the Skyrim random crashes problem effectively, we’ve come up with this simple guide.

What Are The Causes Of The Skyrim Crashes On Startup Issue?

After a comprehensive investigation, we’ve concluded the causes to be:

  • The Mod Compilation: 

Most of the fanbase of games is based on modders, and throughout modding, a lot of users make the error of not configuring their load order for the mods, or they more often than not miss some key file from one of such mods, which may cause this problem.

  • The Failure Of Direct-X: 

As was the case with the majority of users, the error is reasoned because of the corrupt installation of your Direct-X. It was discovered that the users were installing the Direct-X from the files of the games, and it was not a steady version of the program because of which the issue was being caused.

  • Connection Problem: 

At times, Skyrim can crash on the startup because of the connection with your internet, which may cause this issue. That’s because the creators always discourage 3rd-party modding, and your game can at times get some glitches if your internet connection is being established.

What Can You Do If The Skyrim Is Crashing On The Startup?


  • Try to get rid of any recent mods that you’ve installed.
  • Make certain that the load order of your mods and their files are correctly configured.
  • Make certain that there is not a 2nd instance of your game running in the background.
  • Disable any 3rd-party antivirus programs that you might have recently installed.

Method#1: Verifying The Integrity Of Your Game Files

A game may get crashing when the files of your game are corrupted or missing. If you’re making use of the Steam client for playing and managing the games, verifying the integrity of your game files ought to be a great fix for you. Simply follow these below steps:

  • Open the Steam > click on the library tab.

Steam library

  • After that, right-click the Skyrim > select Properties.

  • Under the local files tab, simply click on verify the integrity of the game files option.

After the process is finished, launch Skyrim again to check if it can function correctly now.

Method#2: Install The Direct-X

First, we strongly suggest that you ought to download and install the newest version of the Direct-X from some trustworthy source. Choose the Repair & Install option if your program is present on the PC and make certain to update its graphics drivers as well.

Method#3: Adjusting The Windows Sound Settings

On the other hand, you can also adjust its sound settings on the Windows 10 computer, which has assisted a few users in resolving the problem effectively. For doing that, you have to:

  • First of all, right-click on the speaker-like icon from the bottom of your taskbar > select Open Sound Settings.

open sound settings

  • Under Output options choose Device Properties.

device properties

  • Then Click On Additional Device Properties.

  • Then, in the pop-up window, simply switch to the advanced section > from the drop-down list, select the 24-bit, 44100Hz (Quality of Studio) option.

quality of sound

  • Click on Apply > OK for saving changes.

Now, you can open Skyrim and see if the error has been fixed.

Method#4: Disabling Your Touch Keyboard Service

A few players discovered that the Touch Keyboard service might also interfere with the Skyrim process and reason such Skyrim random crashes problem. And the problem will go away when the service is disabled. You can simply refer to the following guide for disabling the service.

  • First of all, hit the Windows + R buttons for launching the Run window.
  • Then, simply enter services.msc > click on OK for opening the Services app.


  • Locate the Touch Keyboard > Handwriting Panel Service > simply double-click on it for accessing the Properties.

Handwriting Panel Service

  • Select Disabled from the drop-down menu of the Startup type. If your service is wronging, then simply click on the Stop option for stopping it.

disable touch keyboard

  • Click on Apply > OK for saving the changes.

Method#5: Create The Firewall Rule

At times, the internet connection can disrupt the launching procedure of your game. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll make the Firewall rule for prohibiting your game from being capable of accessing your internet. For that:

  • First of all, hit the Windows + I keys for launching the settings.
  • Click Update and Security > choose the Windows Security button from your left-hand side section.

update security

  • Choose Firewall and Network Protection > choose the Advanced Settings option.

advanced settings

  • Click the Outbound Rule button from the left side panel > choose New Rule from the right-hand side pane.

new rule

  • Check the Program option > click Next.
  • Next, tick the This Program Path option > click Browse.


  • Choose the main Skyrim executable > click OK.
  • Click Next > tick the Block your Connection option.
  • Again, click Next > tick all of the three options.

3 options

  • Once again, choose Next > select the name for the rule.
  • After that, click Apply > OK for saving the rule.
  • After that, open Skyrim > see if the error still persists.

Method#6: Updating Your Graphics Driver

If the graphics driver is out-of-date, your installed games on the system are very likely to come across certain issues, comprising Skyrim random crashes problem in our case. So, you ought to keep the graphics drivers up to date. For updating the graphics driver, you can simply download the newest version of the graphics driver from the manufacturer’s website and manually install it. On the other hand, you can simply update it in the device manager.

  • First of all, simply right-click on the Start button > select Device Manager.
  • After that, expand the display adapters category > right-click on the graphics driver > select Update driver.
  • Click on automatically search for the updated driver software > follow the instructions on your screen for completing the procedure.

After updating the graphics driver, reboot the system and open the Skyrim. You ought to be capable of playing your game without any issues now.

Method#7: Reinstalling The Skyrim

Last of all, if all the methods mentioned above fail to assist you in resolving the Skyrim crashes on startup issue, perhaps there’re some issues with your game itself. In such a case, you may have to uninstall Skyrim, download the newest version from the official site, and install your game again with the new installer. Hopefully, you can remove the problem effectively and enjoy the Skyrim game again.

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