How To Soft & Hard Reset Vizio TV

Over the past years, smart televisions have become the norm for people looking for a better TV viewing experience. While televisions like the Vizio smart television are reasonably priced and provide many amazing features, they’re not without the infrequent technical problem that might need resetting. You can Hard Reset Vizio TV utilizing two options: hard reset or soft reset. The hard reset allows you to wipe your television firmware, saved data, and restores it to the factory default condition, while the soft reset just engages, putting the television through the power cycle. In this guide, you will learn how to reset your Vizio smart television with ease.

When To Utilize The Hard Reset Vizio TV ?

A hard reset of the Vizio Smart television will wipe all settings and configurations, as mentioned earlier. It’ll eradicate all the account information for any smart tools, reset the network data, and trigger the firmware update if one is accessible. You ought to always do the soft reset first to check if that fixes the problems you’re having with the television. A hard reset on the Vizio Smart television is usually known to resolve the following problems:

  • Inaccessible smart tools or random program crashes
  • Audio problems or issues with the video playback
  • Intermittent problems with the smart television options
  • Wireless network access connectivity problems
  • Generally strange behavior

How Can You Reset The Vizio Smart TVs ?

If you see that the Vizio smart television is experiencing some problem, a simple solution is resetting the smart TV. Vizio smart televisions permit for two reset options: a hard reset and a soft reset.

When To Utilize The Hard Reset Vizio TV

Hard Reset The Vizio Smart Television The Soft Way :

For performing the hard reset on a Vizio Smart television, you’ll have to utilize the remote.

  • First, unplug the router
  • Hit the menu button on the Vizio remote.
  • Go to System from the menu > choose OK.
  • Choose Reset and Admin option > choose OK.
  • Choose the Reset television to the Factory Defaults option > choose OK.
  • Enter the parental lock code when asked (0000 is the default parental lock code).
  • Choose Reset > OK.
  • Wait until your television turns off.
  • The television will then wipe its configuration and restore all the files from the cache, and then it’ll open to a setup screen.
  • Now, plug the router back in.
  • Carry out the setup procedure on the television and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

The above solution ought to work on the majority of the recent Vizio Smart televisions.

Hard Reset The Vizio Smart Television The Hard Way:

If the television would not reset with the standard way, you might need to accomplish things the hard way.

  • Turn off the television but leave it plugged in.
  • Hold down both the CH- and CH+ keys on your television remote.
  • Press and release its Power button on your television remote.
  • Now, release the CH- and CH+ buttons.
  • Hit the Menu button from the television remote.
  • The television ought to turn on and show you the menu.
  • You ought to see an F at the bottom for indicating this it’s the factory setup screen.
  • Press > hold the Menu button for some secs.
  • You ought to now see the Service Menu.
  • From there, you can easily access the factory reset options.

The Bottom Line:

There’re two methods of resetting the Vizio smart television: hard reset or soft reset. If you have to reset the Vizio TV for some reason, it’s highly suggested that you do the soft reset first. If the problem you face with the television is still not resolved, then a Hard Reset Vizio TV might be needed to fix the issue.

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