How To Fix The Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors

The Witcher 3 is an action RPG and open-world game created by CD Projekt. This game is the 3rd addition to the Witcher’s series. Upon the release of it, the game was appreciated a lot for the amazing open world and graphics. Also, the side quests and well-written storyline make it an even more awesome game to play. Many Mods also became accessible for this game, but recently many reports have been coming in of the witcher three script compilation errors that appear when the users try to apply certain mods to their games. In this post, we’ll talk about the different reasons for this issue and try to fix them step by step.

What Are The Causes Of Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors?

After deeply studying this problem on the test-benches, we found that the following are a few of the common reasons behind such an occurrence:

  • Outdated Or Faulty Mods: 

If the Mods that you’re attempting to install have been outdated or are usually recognized as faulty, these Witcher 3 Script compilation issues will appear while attempting to run your game. It’s great just to install the mods that are not incompatible with each other are recognized to play well with the other mods.

  • Outdated Gaming Patch: 

Also, it’s extremely significant to install the newest gaming patch before attempting to apply any mods to your game. If you have not installed the newest game patch accessible, the Script Compilation issues will be faced while playing the Witcher 3 game.

  • Corrupt Files In Your Hack Folder: 

It’s also possible that you’ve installed a few corrupted files in your Hack folder, or they’ve been automatically installed there. It’s great to remove such files before trying any fix.

  • Wrong Telemetry Keyword: 

The Witcher 3 Script compilation problems can also occur if an incorrect telemetry keyword has been configured. Therefore, it’s great to configure the telemetry keyword again and to make certain that you’ve chosen the correct one.

Fixing The Witcher 3 Script Compilation Issues:

Now that you’re familiar with a few of the common causes that trigger the witcher three script compilation errors, we’ll be moving on towards applying the solutions.

Fix#1: Get Rid Of The Faulty Mod

In the majority of cases, the script compilation issues occur in Witcher 3 if the mods you’ve installed are incompatible with one another. Mods are significant to be utilized with your game because they append additional features to your game and improve the Gameplay, but on the other side, they can reason a few major issues if one of your mods is out-of-date or is interfering with your other mods. As it’s an extremely frantic task to find a flawed mode and disable that, the most competent approach to fix this error is to remove the Mod folder from the directory of your game and reinstall all your mods one by one and check which mod triggers the problem.

Fix#2: Updating The Mods And Your Game

  • Open the preferred browser and download the Day 1 Patch, 1.22 Patch, 1.10 Patch, 1.30 Patch, 1.24 Patch, and 1.31 Patch.


  • After downloading all such patches on the PC, put them in a single folder and install them individually.
  • For installing a patch, open the respective folder > double-click on the .exe file > click Update from the window opened.
  • Once done, the game will then be updated to Patch 1.31.

Note: While downloading your game’s mods, make certain that their version is 1.31, or else they’ll not be compatible with the game.

Fix#3: Apply Your Unification Patch

If you don’t desire to update the mods and the games and the mods have diverse versions, then you ought to apply your Unification Patch that was launched later for fixing such conflicts. Below we’ll apply the patch.

  • First of all, download the Unification patch from
  • Once downloaded successfully, copy both the Mods and the Content in the game folder.


  • Make certain to choose Copy & Replace.

Note: Make certain you update your game to the newest version before applying this fix; the procedure has been clarified in the previous fix.

Fix#4: Merge The Mod Scripts

Not all of the mods are compatible with one another and, at times, give rise to issues that cause the script’s compilation problem. We’ll be fixing this issue utilizing the program which allows for your scripts to easily be merged together and fix the problems we’ll be going over the procedure below.

  • First, download the Script Merger > run it.

script manager

  • Choose the directory of Witcher 3 by clicking on the three dots.

3 dots

  • Now, click refresh in the Conflicts, and it’ll tell you the conflicts in your mods.


  • Then, choose the Mods and click merge selected script.


  • Now it’ll tell you the conflicts number in your scripts and those that it’s automatically fixed also those that have to be fixed manually. Click OK.

click ok

  • Now, as you can see, words A, B, and C there, they’re the names of the columns. Also, underneath, you can see the column of the output.

  • The yellow lines point to the issues that need to be manually fixed, so for resolving such on the output column, we go down and look for the line that states Merge Column and is emphasized in yellow > right-click it, now we need to check in the A, B & C columns and check in which column real code is highlighted in the yellow color. In such a case, that’s in column C. So, click Select Lines from column C.

yellow lines

  • As you can see, the lines from the C column have automatically been utilized, and the issue is fixed; now click File > Save.


  • After that, close the window, and you’ll see a message that says Merge Finished; simply choose OK.
  • The conflict between such mods has been fixed now.

Note: If you’ve more than one manual conflict, then simply repeat the procedure mentioned above until all your conflicts are fixed.

This procedure resolves all your conflicts that occur between your scripts of the two mods by merging their scripts together and making certain that the merged script lets you make use of both your mods together without any issue. Make certain that you try all the fixes in order because if not, it may cause even more issues with the script of your game.

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