How To Fix The Xfinity Error xre 03007 ?

Xfinity is an ancillary of Comcast Cable Public services that is one of the major ISP in the US. The Xfinity association has been completed 50+ years, and they’re even contemplated to the 2nd major cable network all across the world. Nevertheless, at the moment, the reports, the xre 03007 error code of Xfinity, have been finding by many users of Xfinity.

What’s About The Xfinity xre 03007 Error Code?

This Xfinity error might reason due to the problem of billing. This error code can be encountered by making the disbursement as per the need on an outstanding bill. It’d be simpler for you to see and make the bill’s payments by utilizing the Xfinity My Account tool.

What Reasons This Error Code On Xfinity ?

After getting many reports from numerous users, we decided to look into the problem and devised some fixes to resolve it completely. Also, we glanced into the causes because of which it’s triggered and listed here:

  • Outstanding Payments: 

In the majority of cases, the issue is caused if there’s an exceptional payment towards the company and the TV services have been discontinued. The services can just be resumed if your bill is cleared and confirmed by Comcast Officials.

  • Outlet Not Assigned: 

In a few cases, the problem is caused if the particular digital outlet that you’re utilizing to stream TV is not assigned to the account. Internet Modems and Television’s count as outlets, and they are allocated to the particular digital outlet that you’re utilizing for streaming TV through the “Serial Number (S/N)” numbers. Such outlets can just be allocated by the official Comcast consumer support offices. Therefore, you may need to call the technician to get it assigned.

  • Launch Configurations: 

In a few cases, there may be a problem in certain STB launch configurations (television Box), television, or Internet Modem. Such launch configurations are utilized throughout the establishment of the connection between the devices and the server, which are then utilized for streaming TV. If such configurations have been corrupted, the issue may be caused.

Now that you’ve a basic comprehension of the problem’s nature, we’ll move on towards the fixes.

Try Out These Fixes:

If you see this error code while streaming the favorite shows on the television, there’re numerous fixes on how you can resolve the problem. Follow each fix below one at a time and see if the issue still exists.

Fix#1: Rebooting The Xfinity Device

  • You can reboot the device in 2 ways. If the television box has the power button, simply hit that power button for some secs.
  • Release that button and wait for some time more.


  • Now, hit it again for turning your television box on.
  • The 2nd is when the television box doesn’t have the power button.
  • Unplug the television box and wait for some secs.
  • Now, plug it in again.

Fix#2: Power Cycling The Devices

  • Take the modem’s power adapter out of its socket and wait for it to turn off.


  • In the meantime, remove all the power cables from the STB (Cable Box) and the television.
  • Hit and hold the Cable box’s power button for about thirty secs for discharging all the power capacitors on it.
  • Now, power-cycle your modem by simply inserting the power adapters into its socket and wait until it starts.
  • When your modem shows full signal strength, insert the STB (Cable Box) and the television’s power adapter back into its socket, turn the television on and see if you still face this issue.

Fix#3: Checking The Billing Info

The issue might be because of an outstanding bill on the account. You might desire to see if the payments are really going through or not. Open the Xfinity My Account tool and see the billing info. If there’re any pending payments, make certain to settle them first.

Fix#4: Checking For The Hardware Issues

If the above fixes do not work, then there may be a possibility that there’s some hardware malfunction issue. The television set may not be functioning properly, or the cable box may not be properly connected to your television. We suggest you to make all your connections correctly and replace the broken hardware. If you still face the same issue, the only option you’re left with is to get in touch with the customer support service of Xfinity and seek their assistance in rectifying the xre 03007 error.

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